Our 4th StudioGo Artist Feature we have Alexandre Henri! Alexandre a music producer and songwriter who’s dedicated to honest creation.

Taking inspiration from the likes of James Blake, Frank Ocean, Jazz, Soul & Hip Hop, Henri's personal work offers an introspection and self reflection. On a more professional note, Alexandre Henri is committed to helping his production clients find the sound that perfectly fits their vision, to learn more about his production services, contact him at or @yeahsurefineokay on Instagram.

Portfolio Item #1: Autumn & it’s Mysteries - “A song about being overtired, drained and headstrong”

Question #1: Can you walk us through your creative process?

“I write down ideas throughout the day (iPhone notes), once I get to the studio I reread all the ideas and keep that in mind as I start creating. The easier it is to create, usually the better so I try to force things to work. If something I started does not work, I move on to something else or another idea I started working on earlier.” What specific places do you practice this work in?: “I work out of my home studio and sometimes at a client/collaborator's studio.”

Portfolio Item #2: Nirvana - “A song about longing for a higher experience”

Question #2: Are you ever in need of Workspaces that suit your creative needs?

“I am in need of a studio space that is below industry price. My studio is mobile… I need a sound treated room.”

Portfolio Item #3: Keepsake - “Keepsake is a song about romance & ambiguity”