The third StudioGo artist feature is Alik Volkov. Alik is a poet & the founder of @ofpoets&frenchmen. Here are some highlights from our interview with Alik!

Question #1: Could you give us a brief bio of your work so far?

I'm the Founder Of Poets and Frenchmen, a local organization that produces events like open mics and poetry slams. I work with my awesome to bring poetry to our community.


Portfolio Item #1: Standing at The Edge

I find myself standing at the edge
Fear doesn’t agree with Desire
But Breath convinces Fear
That it’s okay
To look down a cliff
And smile
At the easily penetrable barrier called
The Final Step
I wait one day to take this step
And hope to fall upwards

Question #2: For the work/hobbies you like doing, can you describe or walk us through your creative process doing it? 

I work from my laggy computer but have meetings with the other OPAF executives occasionally to plan events and such.


Portfolio Item #2: Locked Away in a Coffin

The view is locked away in a coffin 
With the caricature of my under exaggerated smile on the cover
I await the moment of the
Glance to the
Look to the
But this is a coffin made of one-way glass
I am in the middle
And they will never see me
They can only see their reflections
And add a filter above that
I am a passenger in this realm of time
But I watch quietly
Through the transparent barrier
As everyone around me is in chains

Question #3: What specific places do you practice this work in? 

We organize our open mics at Covernotes Coffee House, a local coffee shop in Richmond Hill. We've organized a slam at my school, but we're looking for better event spaces so we can become more well-known.


Portfolio Item #3: The Golden Hour

I dream of the golden hour
When the closing sunlight is
Imprinted on my cheeks
And I can feel its warmth
In the coming of the cold night
I dream of its purity
Of its breathlessness
Of its simplicity
I may be a complex being
But what brings me joy doesn’t have to be
I dream of the golden hour
Where I may cuddle for warmth with a friend,
Watching the sun set over the sea

Final Thoughts with Alik: Poetry is more accurate than complete sentences" has become the motto at Of Poets and Frenchmen as it encompasses the enormous complexity that is poetry. Poetry can be a few words, or it can be a hundred. Regardless, every eye that sees the words reads between the lines in its own way. That's what makes poetry so incredible. It's always the truth.