In the season finale of our artist features we have Minsoo Koh. Minsoo an aspiring director from South Korea. He is a self taught filmmaker in Toronto. Moved to Toronto for UofT initially studying math and physics but decided to change his career path to filmmaking after making a couple films as hobby during the school year.

Question #1: For the work/hobbies you like doing, can you describe or walk us through your creative process doing it? 

"Usually an idea comes to me from a visual that I think of or see. It could simply be a look of a character (or characters), or a movement of a character, or even just the aesthetic of a character in a specific location. From this visual, I start brainstorming what this story is about and and try to see where this story naturally goes. If it’s a story that I can relate to and is a story worth telling, I pursuit it and consider filming it."

Portfolio Item #1: Djora

"A smooth and textured look at the pespective of Bboy Djora"

Djora (2018) was featured on Hallowed Ground in 2019.

Question #2: What specific places do you practice this work in? 

"I used to work at my job outside of my working hours because there was a nice office but I recently started to make my own room into a small studio/workplace so now, I do a lot of writing, studying, and pre-production just in my own room."

Question #3: Do you ever need to find any creative spaces specifically for your work? 

"Yes, there are times when I need to ask people around for suggestions or even scout locations on google map in 360 version."

Question #4: What are your plans for the future, for your projects?  

"Yes, I have an experimental/poetic film that I'm working on as well as a short narrative!"

Portfolio Item #2: Payphone

"Jack finds a mysterious teleporting payphone in the middle of a night..."

Payphone (2017) was an official selection of Festival du Nouveau Cinema RPCE 2017 and was featured on Cinehub Korea.