Next in our Artist Features campaign we have Sappho! She is a Sci-Pop songwriter & performer, and she needs to find interesting spaces for recording, photoshoots, and 360 videos.

Question #1: Could you give us a brief bio of your work and education so far?

I started writing songs as a kid, studied Digital Audio Production and Musical Theatre Performance in college, have taught private voice lessons for three years. 

My recent obsession is the intersection between art & tech! My sci-pop album “Time Machine” is coming out in 2019, it’s like if Isaac Asimov was Katy Perry’s lyricist (with a generous scoop of retro-futurist synth pop vibes). 

Portfolio Item #1: Get My Shit Together - Sappho Hansen Smythe

Question #2: For the work/hobbies you like doing, can you describe or walk us through your creative process doing it? 

Yeah! I think it’s often beneficial for artists to draw from personal experiences, so I’ve been consuming as much sci-fi as possible, showing up to every VR event, speaking on futurist panels, and doing my best to know what I’m talking about and be a credible voice in the tech community. I just take a big ol bath in information, and wait for the muses to turn it into a creative piece. Good inputs = good output! 

Portfolio Item #2: Mirror of Potentiality - Sappho Hansen Smythe

Question #3: What specific places do you practice this work in? 

For music videos, I need places that look cool all the way around. There’s nowhere to hide in 360. I spend most of my time making music & talking about futurism, so it’d really help to have an app tell me the best places to film 360 videos!

Portfolio Item #3: Queer - Sappho Hansen Smythe